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About “Books, not People”

Books, not People is a celebration of the written word and the blissful escape it provides. For those of us who harbor some anxiety about social interaction, the solitude of reading is one of life’s pleasures. Thinking critically about what one reads is another.

I wanted to create a space that encouraged me to exercise my brain. Books, not People is designed to keep track of and discuss the books that occupy my free time.

Most reviews on this site include an indication of where I am in the book, warnings about spoilers, general impressions, specific fixations, and–most importantly–the reasons why the book is better than people.

Comments Policy: Respectful discussion is most welcome.

Aside: Yes, I realize¬†that the URL for this site could be (mis)read as “Book Snot People,” but since I am fairly certain that book snot people do not exist in this universe, I am willing to be okay with any giggles that may ensue from such a misreading.

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