Welcome to Braggsville

Welcome to Braggsville

T. Geronimo Johnson



We are Here:  page 68

Spoilers?     No


I was prepared to love this book. It wasn’t necessarily a book I would have found on my own, but when Book of the Month selected it for me and I read the blurb, I was stoked. When it arrived in March, the description on the dust jacket promised hilarious satire and it was set partly in Berkeley, one of my favorite places to visit. This is for me, I thought.  I went in with such high hopes.

Alas, I could simply not get into it, and so my bookmark remains stuck on page 68.  Maybe it takes reading more than 10-15 pages at a stretch, but the voice eluded me, and I was dreading to follow where it seemed to be heading as the characters barreled toward certain structure-of-the-conjuncture disaster.

This simply wasn’t for me, but I recognize when an author is trying to do something important, and even though I couldn’t get past the style and lack of quotation marks around dialogue, this book will delight many others.


Hard to say, having made so little headway into the story, but I enjoyed Johnson’s treatment of college life, and especially young college student personalities. The seriousness with which they take themselves stands in stark contrast to Johnson’s (rightful) skewering of said seriousness.

As of page 68, my favorite character is D’aron’s mother. She moves through life unaffected by young peoples’ many pretensions.

Why is this book better than people?

Life is too short to spend time with books and people you don’t enjoy, especially if you have a polite way to get out of it. Some books, like some people, are not a good match for everyone. I recommend you determine for yourself if Welcome to Braggsville keeps good company.


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