Cloud Atlas

Cloud Atlas 

David Mitchell


Cloud Atlas book

We are Here:   Done!

Spoilers?     Probably


More than never wanting this book to end, I never wanted any of the book’s sections to end (except perhaps “Sloosha’s Crossing,” at times). I met each new section with disappointment, longing for more of what I’d just been reading, even “Timothy Cavendish,” which I did not immediately warm to, and which is terrifying in its too-real implications.

Cloud Atlas took me two attempts–the first time I only read a few pages before becoming distracted. I knew this book would take concentration, so I set it aside until I could carve out a chunk of a weekend to settle into it. And boy did that ever pay off! It drew me in and kept giving and giving, until it was over and left me trying to puzzle out its loops and folds.


The first section, which I was bored with on my first attempt, quickly hooked me the second time around. The reason? It reminded me of one of my most intimate elementary school core reading obsessions: The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle by Avi. That book lasted me over a year of make-believe and probably had a lot to do with why I adore Muppet Treasure Island. I was sorry when this section ended, but as I mentioned above, I was sorry when ALL of the sections ended–more, more, more!

Another strong reaction came upon encountering “Sonmi~451” This book has sci-fi, too?!! AWESOME.

Infinite recursivity.

Why is this book better than people?

Cloud Atlas is full of people I actually want to spend time with, learn from, become. These people don’t impose themselves on you, but stand nearby, ready and inviting. If you care to listen, they will spin their yarns into fractal imaginings of past and future truths that wake you up even as they lull you into their dreamworld.


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